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May 23, 2023
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MODERNSPEAK would like to engage with you on an influencer campaign aimed at Albertans who are moving homes or thinking about moving homes and are looking to set up utility services with Direct Energy. Our strategic approach involves partnering with influential content creators who boast a substantial following in Alberta, specifically within the lifestyle, DIY, finance, and education niches. Vetting and sourcing the right influencers who resonate with your target audience and align with Direct Energy's values is key to the campaign's success.

Here's an overview of our vetting process:

  1. Thorough Research: Our team will conduct extensive research using Upfluence and additional platforms and social media analytics tools to identify influencers with a sizable Alberta following.
  2. Audience Analysis: We will conduct an in-depth analysis of shortlisted influencers' audience demographics to ensure their followers align with Direct Energy's target audience.
  3. Content Evaluation: A careful review of creators' content will be conducted to assess their expertise in lifestyle, DIY, finance, and education. We will look for influencers who can provide valuable insights and guidance during the moving process.
  4. Brand Alignment: We will assess how well influencers' personal brand aligns with Direct Energy's values and messaging, ensuring a genuine interest in home-related topics.
  5. Engagement Assessment: The influencers' engagement rates, comments, and interaction with followers will be evaluated to gauge their ability to create meaningful connections within the Alberta community.

With this vetting process, we will select a diverse group of influencers who possess a strong presence in Alberta and expertise in relevant niches. These creators will bring authenticity, credibility, and a genuine passion for assisting Albertans with their home-moving journey and utility service setup.

Our objective is to establish Direct Energy as a trusted partner during this significant life transition. By harnessing the power of Alberta-based influencers and their dedicated following, we will create an influential campaign that not only promotes Direct Energy's services but also resonates with our target audience.

Creator Niches:

  • Lifestyle
  • Real Estate
  • DIY
  • Finance
  • Interior Design/Home Builders

Content Suggestions:

Home Buying Advice:

Example: The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

Deliverables: IGTV session. The influencer can host an IGTV session or Reel discussing the less obvious costs of home ownership, particularly the cost of utilities. They can highlight how choosing Direct Energy as your utility provider can result in savings thanks to their energy-efficient plans and programs, helping new homeowners manage their budgets better. This can include explaining different types of energy plans, understanding your usage, how to read your energy bill, and tips for choosing a reliable utility provider like Direct Energy.

Energy Efficiency:

Example: Boost Your Home's Value with Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Deliverables: IG Post. The influencer could create a post featuring a home they've sold, upgraded with energy-efficient features like smart thermostats, LED lighting, and improved insulation. They could discuss how Direct Energy provides tools and resources to support such improvements, and the potential increase in property value from making these upgrades.

Money Tips:

Example: The Smarter Way to Save Money When Moving Homes

Deliverables: IG Reel. A finance influencer creates a reel outlining ways to save money during the moving process. It can highlight the potential energy cost savings by choosing Direct Energy as the utility provider, including exclusive moving packages, energy efficiency, and usage tracking services. The post can also discuss the importance of budgeting and planning expenses while moving, and how switching to energy-efficient options can contribute to significant savings in the long run.


Example: DIY Energy-Efficient Home Makeover with Direct Energy.

Deliverables: Series of IG posts or reels. A DIY influencer can create content showing simple and budget-friendly home improvements to make a new house more energy-efficient. This might include installing LED lights, sealing windows and doors, insulating the attic, and using smart thermostats. Throughout the posts, the influencer can highlight Direct Energy's role in providing useful resources, tools, and incentives for such initiatives, driving home the point that everyone can take steps to create an energy-efficient home.

Thank you for considering our proposal.


MODERNSPEAK, is a digital PR agency specializing in influencer and social media marketing. We're passionate storytellers with 50+ years of experience in travel, lifestyle, and influencer marketing. Directly collaborating with brands and representing creators, we understand both sides of the craft. We live and breathe the industry, offering tailored solutions for tourism, hospitality, and lifestyle brands.

Our mission? Empower businesses like yours to forge meaningful customer connections. We specialize in customized strategies, rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach.

Our secret? Passion, curiosity, and a vast network of industry relationships. This mix fuels campaign success and impactful brand partnerships. But here's the kicker: at MODERNSPEAK, we redefine business norms. We champion integrity and excellence in influencer and digital marketing, leading with transparency, tenacity, and bold storytelling.

So, if you're ready to take your brand to new heights, let's make some noise, create some buzz, and leave a mark that's as bold and bright as your brand deserves! 

Influencer Marketing

At MODERNSPEAK, we specialize in seamlessly navigating the dynamic landscape of influencer marketing, ensuring that your brand not only stands out but also thrives in the digital realm. With direct collaboration with brands and representation of creators, our dual-sided expertise enhances efficiency, leveraging extensive industry connections for optimal results.

Strategic Influencer Partnerships: Elevating Your Brand Story

Influencer marketing is like introducing your brand to the influencers your target customers already love. At MODERNSPEAK, we handle everything from finding and vetting influencers to crafting campaigns that truly capture your audience's attention.

Precision In Creator Vetting: Shaping Authentic Narratives

We're picky in a good way! Our careful vetting process matches creators' audiences with your ideal customer profile, making sure engagement, visibility, and trust between the creator and their audience all hit the sweet spot.

From Contract Negotiations To Campaign Briefs: Every Detail Matters

Negotiations, contracts, and crafting killer campaign briefs? Consider it handled. We obsess over every detail, ensuring flawless execution and exceptional results, analyzing the campaign's performance to refine future strategies.


  • Strategic Alignment: We connect your brand with influencers who don't just talk the talk but resonate with your dream audience.
  • Comprehensive Management: From day one to the mic-drop moment, we handle every aspect of your campaign with precision and dedication.
  • Performance Analysis: We don't just stop at execution; we dive deep into the campaign's performance, tweaking and optimizing for maximum impact.
  • Integrity: Holding ourselves to the highest standards, guided by transparency in every endeavour.
  • Curiosity: Constantly seeking new and innovative ways to tell our clients' stories and connect with their audiences.

Whether you're aiming to increase visibility, drive sales, build brand loyalty, or spark conversations, MODERNSPEAK has the tenacity to deliver successful, stand-out results. We offer in-depth influencer and social media marketing and public relations strategies that position your brand cohesively across channels and platforms. 

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Case Studies

What we provide

We've designed flexible packages to suit your needs and budget. We would love to connect to walk through our services and tailor a package specifically for your goals.

* Currency: CAD


$4800 +GST

Our fees include agency hours to source, vet and hire influencers for the campaign, produce contracts, build out creative briefs, review draft content and relay to brand, approve content, source UGC content from the campaign, and create an overall insights report at the end of the campaign. The amount fee is based off of an estimated 32 hours manage an influencer campaign with 4-6 creators.

Additional Details

Please note the above fee does not include influencer fees. We will work with your set budget or will help you build a budget to find creators that align with your brand to get the most out of your campaign and investment.

Billing information

50% of the fees paid upon signing of the contract (including influencer fees)

50% of the fee paid upon delivery of final content (including influencer fees)


Pending MODERNSPEAK being chosen for this campaign, we can plan to be in market with the first wave of content by the third week of June, with second and third waves going out in July and August.

Your Team

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From highly engaged micro-influencers to impactful macro-influencers and everything in between, we are more than movers and shakers. We are change makers. View some of our recent partnerships and collaborations here.

Brands we work with

The Yacht Week
What to Expect
Dr.Seuss Enterprises
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Direct Energy


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure the success of social media campaigns for your clients?

We use a variety of metrics to measure the success of our social media campaigns, including engagement rates, reach, click-through rates, conversion rates, and overall ROI. We also use analytics tools to track audience demographics and behaviour, allowing us to refine our strategies and optimize our campaigns over time.

We are also proud to have clients who speak highly of us too! Check out what they have to say here.

What services do you provide as a Social Media and Influencer Marketing agency

We offer comprehensive social media management services, including content creation, community management, social media advertising, influencer marketing, and analytics and reporting. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and develop customized strategies that drive results.

How do you select influencers to work with for influencer marketing campaigns?

We use a rigorous selection process to identify influencers who are a good fit for our clients' brands and target audiences. This includes analyzing their social media following, engagement rates, content quality, and overall brand alignment. We also prioritize working with influencers who have a track record of producing high-quality content and generating results for their clients.

Can you provide examples of successful social media campaigns you have run for global brands?

Absolutely! We have worked with a wide range of hospitality and tourism brands to create successful social media campaigns. Some of our recent successes include a destination marketing campaign that generated a 50% increase in website traffic and a hotel rebranding campaign that increased social media engagement by 75%.

How do you stay up-to-date on the latest social media trends and best practices?

Our team of social media experts regularly attends industry conferences and workshops, participates in online forums and communities, and keeps a close eye on the latest social media trends and best practices. We also have access to the latest social media tools and technologies, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve and deliver the best results for our clients.

"It was such a pleasure working with the team at MODERNSPEAK, specifically Erica and Kristyn. Explore Edmonton ran a campaign with twelve creators from across Canada, with many stops and starts along the way due to COVID-19. MODERNSPEAK suggested an array of fantastic creators that aligned with Explore Edmonton's goals and priorities, which resulted in a variety of engaging content. The campaign was a tremendous success with more than 4.5M impressions and an engagement rate that surpassed industry standards."

Travel Media Manager, Explore Edmonton



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"It was such a pleasure working with the team at MODERNSPEAK, specifically Erica and Kristyn. Explore Edmonton ran a campaign with twelve creators from across Canada, with many stops and starts along the way due to COVID-19. MODERNSPEAK suggested an array of fantastic creators that aligned with Explore Edmonton's goals and priorities, which resulted in a variety of engaging content. The campaign was a tremendous success with more than 4.5M impressions and an engagement rate that surpassed industry standards."

Travel Media Manager, Explore Edmonton

Creator Co. is the exact program we’ve been looking for as content creators. Having access to our own room and vehicle to be able to roam and capture content on our own terms is fundamental in creating meaningful and purposeful content. The team behind the program was thoughtful, fun, caring and extremely insightful. I would 100 per cent recommend this format to other tourism agencies looking to promote their destination. Can’t wait to come back!”


Victoria’s fun humour and creativity went to a whole new level with this collaboration. She captured the soul of our customer in an entertaining but also appropriate manner, displaying the product in an effective way while embracing the “extra” levels our customers go to for their pets.

It was such a pleasure working with the team at MODERNSPEAK, specifically Erica and Kristyn. Explore Edmonton ran a campaign with twelve creators from across Canada, with many stops and starts along the way due to COVID-19. MODERNSPEAK suggested an array of fantastic creators that aligned with Explore Edmonton's goals and priorities, which resulted in a variety of engaging content. The campaign was a tremendous success with more than 4.5M impressions and an engagement rate that surpassed industry standards.

@Explore Edmonton

"In addition to helping facilitate curated content about our community by influencers, ModernSpeak provided great value by generating interest from several mainstream news media sources, including CBC radio and the Red Deer Advocate. We appreciate the opportunity to have generated this publicity, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them."


"Kristyn changed my life. She saw potential in my work, and took a chance on me. She accessed my value, and helped guide me through the new and exciting field of content creation. Since we started our partnership, I was able to work with brands that I could only dream of, and have peace of mind that she was ALWAYS fighting for my worth and success. Kristyn is special. A friend. She sees me as a human, and always puts me first. I can confidently say that I would not be where I am today without her long standing and continuous mentorship."


"MODERNSPEAK has an incredibly unique and fine-tuned ability to uplift both their clients' and creators' goals and needs. Their competency in finding the perfect fit between creator and client allows their partnerships to be highly fruitful. We were so pleased to work with Erica from MODERNSPEAK for our summer collaboration. She was swift in relaying everything we needed to work efficiently, and never hesitated to be a pillar in our partnership with the client. Her ability to be concise and detailed made us the most well prepared for our collaboration, and Erica gave us the creative freedom to be authentic to ourselves. We hope to work with MODERNSPEAK again in the future! Their understanding of creators' minds made them an amazing team to collaborate with."

@jasonmengvisuals and @laurenmneves

“Working with Modernspeak was a big investment for us that really paid off. We were able to secure 12 different media placements leading up to our holiday gifting season, one Gift Guide alone generated over 3000 website visits. Our web media placements continue to pay dividends. As a start-up company, we could not have done this without the professional, strategic approach of the Modernspeak team. We will definitely be working with them again.”


"Working with Modernspeak over the last year has been a dream! My income has increased tremendously, the projects have been on brand and very enjoyable, and the process has been seamless. The women behind Modernspeak are absolute weapons and I am grateful to have them as my (not so) secret weapon."


“Modernspeak was a pleasure to work with, providing cost-effective solutions to build brand awareness and directly reach our target customer.”