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Kyle Meshna


Adobe Firefly

The Creator

Kyle Meshna, the powerhouse creator from Salt Lake City, Utah! Specializing in tech & photography, Kyle crafts top-notch content that both entertains and educates. On YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, he's your go-to for tips, tutorials, and reviews, keeping his community in the know. His unique and creative approach towards campaigns is amazing to be a part of and we're so proud of him.

The Partnership

Adobe looked to team up with Kyle to promote their newly launched Adobe Firefly, which is a new family of creative generative AI models trained to be commercially safe, first focused on image generation and text effects. Bringing on a creative like Kyle for this campaign meant that he could showcase the amazing features of Adobe Firefly coming from a unique approach as a talented photographer. Adobe Firefly is designed to give all creators, regardless of their experience, the superpowers to work at the speed of their imaginations to complete daily tasks and bring their creations to life; producing limitless variations of content and making changes, again and again - all on brand - will be quick, simple, instil confidence and increase overall productivity amongst all creators!

The Campaign

The campaign was executed through 3 waves where his content would go live within a span of 3 months. The deliverables for each wave included an Instagram Reel that was repurposed to YouTube Short along with a set of Instagram story frames. In each new piece of content, Kyle focused on showcasing Adobe Firefly’s features in ways that his audience can utilize the tool. For wave 2 he even decided to bring his community into the fun by asking them to submit unedited photos and he would take a kick at editing them using Adobe Firefly.

The Numbers


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115 Link Clicks

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The Result

During this particular scenario, an extra budget was allocated for advertising, leading the content to achieve over 700K impressions across three content waves. Moreover, the campaign proved successful for the client as Kyle's Instagram stories garnered more than 115 link clicks, further boosting its impact.

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