Why Influencers Are Important for Travel Brands

Kristyn Snell (She/Her)

December 9, 2022

As a travel brand, you need every advantage possible to help you stand out from your competition. And for travel brands, investing in travel creators and a powerful storyline-based influencer strategy can help raise awareness about your destination on popular social platforms.

Popular travel influencers all across the globe use social platforms to share FOMO-worthy content. And while it may seem like they’re drinking cocktails on the beach at a fancy resort, laying on a luxurious king-size bed in their 5-star hotel room, and dressing in the latest fashion — being a travel influencer is so much more than that. 

There’s no denying the immense skill and creativity that goes into developing your strategy, capturing stunning photos, creating posts, and the assets needed to build awareness and exposure for your travel experience. There’s months of planning, preparing for travel, scheduling creatives, and executing to create that perfect shot.

Keep reading to learn why influencer marketing is essential for your travel brand.

What is it Like Being a Travel Influencer?

Travel influencers partner with airlines, resorts, destinations, magazines, etc and anybody who wants to engage their services in exchange for high quality video and photo assets and honest reviews. And showing off popular destinations is a great way to get people's attention, increase audience engagement and influence booking decisions.

Most influencers create blog posts, and instagram stories to show off pics of the highlights and lowlights of their wish-you-were-here travel adventures.

Why Do Travel Brands Want to Work with Social Influencers?

Advertising spend for the travel industry has been growing by $.5 billion yearly since the pandemic and is forecasted at 4 billion in 2022. 

Influencers who match your image and brand values exude authenticity and engage with their followers to entice them to finally take that vacation.

More and more brands in the travel sector are including Instagram as part of their marketing strategy, and love partnering with influencers to deliver travel influencer content to their audiences.

How Does Instagram Influence Travel Decisions?

People love following travel-related content on Instagram. One study showed that Instagram posts, stories, and reels that highlight travel destinations inspire followers to visit the same locales. The study also revealed that certain sociodemographics (age, employment status, gender, social class, parental status, relationship status, and even town size) played a big part in their vacation destination.

How Does Influencer Marketing Affect the Visibility of a Travel Brand?

Influencer marketing plays a major role in how your customers see your travel brand. It also significantly improves engagement rates and:

  • Increases brand loyalty
  • Showcases products to a targeted audience
  • Recovers brand reputation
  • Boosts brand awareness and reach

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How Do You Select Influencers for Your Marketing?

Today’s viewers appreciate honesty. Who wants to see over-polished print ads, TV commercials, and photoshopped billboards that no one can relate to anyway? Today’s viewers want realism shown to them by someone they trust.


When Instagram users see their favourite influencer capturing a picturesque vacation, they trust the stories and experience they’re seeing — authenticity sells. There are some things to keep in mind when selecting the right influencer to market your travel brand: 

  • Values
  • Audience
  • Content quality
  • Engagement metrics
  • Reliability
  • Authenticity
  • Content Relevancy
  • Frequency

Manage Every Stage Of Your Influencer Marketing Campaign With MODERNSPEAK

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of choosing the wrong influencer for your travel brand, MODERNSPEAK is the influencer marketing agency to partner with.

Our robust vetting process matches you with some of the world’s most popular content creators and social influencers to build trust with your target audience and bring your brand to life.

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