How to Promote Your Travel Brand with Content Creators

Kristyn Snell (She/Her)

February 23, 2023

Tourism and travel brands are tapping into the minds of social media users as they scroll through their feeds, following their favourite travel content creators.

Travel content creators know how their followers think and can align their dreams and aspirations with your travel brand by creating brand-aligned content that stands above the rest.

And for travel brands, these influencers provide a powerful marketing tool that puts their products and services directly in front of their target audience.

So, how can you leverage the power of travel influencers to build awareness for your brand? We’ve put together a list of popular travel influencers and the strategies they use to drive meaningful results.

How Can I Leverage Travel Content Creators to Promote my Travel Brand?

A good travel influencer knows how to connect with and inspire their followers to imagine themselves in the middle of a far-off adventure or a paradise destination.

Travel content creators work in a highly-competitive industry providing travel brands and consumers with high-quality content and inspiration by:

  • Turning daydreams into reality by enhancing the desire to escape
  • Generating demand and creating the urgency to plan
  • Providing brand-aligned content for existing travel brands
  • Showcasing new experiences and destinations to inspire their followers

What Types of Content Should I Focus on When Working With a Travel Creator?

No matter what form of influencer marketing you use, whether it’s TikTok videos, live streaming, or stunning Instagram posts, the social media influencers you choose to work with should get your target audience excited about what you’re selling.

Looking to promote business class tickets? Work with your influencer marketing agency to create share-worthy videos showing all the luxurious amenities the consumer receives.

Promoting a resort? Your travel influencer will create relevant and engaging content using high-quality photos and videos and leverage travel storytelling that uses real people to connect your audience with the same dreamy getaway.

Experienced travel influencers have a way of communicating messages authentically to get you the best results.

Five Popular Travel Influencers to Follow

Here’s how MODERNSPEAK’s travel team uses captivating content to promote must-see locations.

Michael Gray

Michael, the Creative Director behind Mikevisuals, travels the world to create impactful content for brands, like Adobe, Expedia, Marriott, and more. Mike’s impressive social reach helps deliver high-production content to his loyal audience.

Chris Hau

Chris covers all things travel, tech, and comedy. His striking and inspiring style perfectly captures some of the most beautiful locations on Earth — encouraging us all to live our best life.

Liam Giuliani

“Don't think, just do” are four words Liam lives by. This talented photographer understands how to capture the raw beauty and energy of our urban landscapes, emphasizing how much there is to explore in the cities we call home.

Mike Giannattilio

It’s hard to deny the feeling of escapism with Mike’s “shoot everything” style. Another one of our talented photographers, Mike understands exactly how to capture the perfect moment through every shot he takes.

Josiah William Gordon

“Pressing buttons and making memories” may be underselling the immense creativity of Josiah. This well-traveled photographer builds wonder with each shot he takes, capturing the simplistic, yet complex beauty of our natural world.

What Tools or Techniques Can I Use to Track the Success of Using a Travel Creator to Promote my Business?

Whether working on a small-scale project or a full-service campaign, cross-platform reports can seamlessly measure every aspect of your influencer campaign's success.

MODERNSPEAK deep dives into your customer’s journey to give you detailed reporting highlighting your ROI and conversions while detailing the influencer’s impact on your sales.

Get Captivating Storytelling For Your Travel Brand With MODERNSPEAK

Stand out in an overpopulated travel crowd with unique, tailored-to-your-business travel campaigns. MODERNSPEAK’s content creators maintain your image consistency while instilling strong connections with your travel destinations with captivating and relatable storytelling.

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