How To Do Influencer Marketing to Boost Your Hotel Business

Kristyn Snell (She/Her)

June 14, 2023

Influencer marketing for the hospitality industry remains a popular and effective trend in digital marketing strategies today.

Top brands that work with influencers have leveraged the social, star-struck, and tech-savvy generation of travellers to create powerful storytelling campaigns, boost their online presence, and attract potential customers.

Interested in learning how it’s done? Read on and we’ll show you how collaborations with key influencers help hotel brands to build awareness, drive more direct bookings, and increase conversions.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing in the Hospitality Industry

Since online travel agencies have taken the market by storm, hotel owners are a prime example of a hospitality business that must leverage the power of social media marketing for hotels, to help them stand out in an overly saturated crowd.

When a hospitality business partners with social media influencers to create engaging content to support hotel marketing strategies, they reach large audiences, enhance brand awareness, and generate more leads. Influencer marketing is also beneficial because it’s:

  • Built on authenticity: Influencers spend years establishing trust with their audiences by sharing personal experiences and cultivating a loyal, captivated following. When influencers share stories about an enjoyable stay at a hotel, for example, it encourages followers to stay there, as they trust that they’ll have the same fantastic experience.  Leveraging the fast paced world of content creation, audiences get the “real time” (or almost real time) experience of the property, in comparison to outdated marketing assets that might live on the hotel website or other online listings.
  • Cost-effective advertising: Influencers have the skills and tools to take gorgeous, compelling photos, and create video content that followers (and your potential guests) want to see. Since they typically have the same camera equipment as professional photographers, you can work with them to use their photography to boost your social media channels and create cohesive feeds. This requires a conversation with the creator about usage and licensing, as just because a photo or image has been shared on a social channel, additional use requires permission from the content creator.
    Working with an established agency who can support with creating contracts and licensing agreements can make this process seamless.
  • Valuable analytics: Analytics provide valuable insight into the most effective platforms while helping you understand target audiences and the types of content that resonate with guests. This data will help you keep you informed on what hotel marketing strategies and tactics to revisit for future campaigns.

Building Relationships With Hotel Influencers

Good partnerships produce content relevant to the influencer’s followers and help your hotel business shine positively.

MODERNSPEAK partnered with Coast Canmore Hotel to showcase how easy it was for locals to explore their own backyard. Five creators delivered nine reels and social media posts, five IG giveaways, 49 story frames, and 13 photos with full rights usage between June and August 2021. The campaign generated over 23K comments and likes, 370K impressions, and reached more than 342K users. This authentic promotion resulted in increased awareness of the Coast Canmore Hotel, positive feedback from the high participation in the five giveaways, and lasting relationships with local hospitality influencers.

Need Help Navigating Your Hotel Social Media Marketing?

Hotels that work with influencers get their brands in front of guests who may not otherwise know about their properties. When done correctly, hospitality influencer marketing is a cost-effective way to generate more leads and increase your bottom line.

From highly engaged micro-influencers to powerful macro-influencers, travel influencers and everything in between, MODERNSPEAK can help you boost visibility, build brand loyalty, increase engagement rate, drive sales, and align your communication with customized messaging that works seamlessly across all platforms and channels.

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