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Nikita Elyse


Nikita Elyse

Mohkinstsis, Treaty 7 Territory (Calgary, AB)



Nikita is studying environmental science at Mount Royal University, located on Mohkinstsis, Treaty 7 Territory, where her research focus is on water quality on Indigenous communities, environmental inequality, and developing an understanding for traditional ecological knowledge (TEK).  

Nikita passionately advocates that Indigenous ways of knowing and western science are equally valid knowledge sources and both ways can be used to protect and preserve the environment.

Aside from studying environmental science, Nikita uses her social media platforms, (@nikitaelyse) on Instagram and YouTube, to educate others on the beauty of Indigenous culture.  

In her spare time, Nikita offers Powwow Fit classes which cover the historical and cultural meanings of what powwow is and how it contributes to Indigenous practices in today's society, as well as learning the fundamentals movements to dancing.

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