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Roam Creative



The Creator

Roam Creative is a film production and commercial photography studio based in Alberta, Canada. By aligning vast creative resources, Roam creates lasting connections between clients and customers. As a team, Roam and their clients create captivating video and photo content that immerses audiences in a moment while seamlessly connecting them to products or services.

The Partnership

Swoop Airline’s objective with this partnership was to gather photo and video assets of each destination that they fly to. Key messaging surrounded affordability and the many activities customers are able to pursue with the money saved from flying with Swoop.

The Campaign

With a goal of promoting destinations prior to the changing of seasons this campaign was very time sensitive with a quick turnaround. Roam Creative was faced with the additional challenge of unpredictable weather, creating the need for flexibility with location planning. To best navigate the unpredictability of these locations the Roam team conducted extensive research and thorough itinerary planning. Heavily involved in the planning process to ensure activities catered to all ages, the Roam team collaborated with the local tourism boards to ensure the Swoop’s desired content paralleled the needs of the destination as well.

The Numbers

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The Result

Roam executed a highly interactive and successful campaign for Swoop. Roam's videos and photos brought Swoop's key message to life: spending less on flights gives travellers the opportunity to do more at their destination.

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