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June 29, 2021

MODERNSPEAK is a Canadian-based creator management and full service public relations agency. Working at an international level, MODERNSPEAK connects and collaborates with industries and verticals across the globe.

Founded by passionate storyteller and travel enthusiast, Kristyn Snell, MODERNSPEAK is a labour of love fueled by a small team of driven professionals. The team has a combined 25 years experience in travel and tourism marketing, social media management, and boutique public relations. 

“I have always loved travel and knew I wanted a career in tourism. After working as an airline stewardess for a few years, my desire to work in travel grew and I transitioned to tourism marketing. During this time I worked for municipal and provincial tourism boards for over eight years,” says Kristyn. 

Kristyn excelled in the world of travel and tourism, largely due to her adventurous spirit and the unbridaled ingenuity that she brings to every project. Using her developed skills and connections she launched her own home decor brand partnering with lifestyle creators across North America. She soon realized the value of establishing connections with creators and the role of influencer marketing as a way of the future. 

“I understood there was a need for agents to stand as the neutral third party representation in influencer marketing. Agents fill the role of the business partner that supplements the creators' highly creative minds,” Kristyn notes.

It was at this time she set out to develop her own creator management agency. Now representing over 16 photographers, videographers and social content creators, MODERNSPEAK is continually growing and evolving alongside the ever changing worlds of social media and PR. 

On the creator management side, MODERNSPEAK represents passionate and talented digital storytellers, photographers, videographers, and lifestyle influencers on the most visual and heavily trafficked social media channels. From highly engaged micro-influencers to impactful macro-influencers and everything in between.

Doubling as a full service creative and PR agency, MODERNSPEAK is equipped to plan, execute, and deliver quality digital marketing and earned media campaigns from pitching to creative ideation to original video production and photography assets. In addition to managing every stage of the influencer marketing process, including influencer discovery, management, content creation, and analyzing and reporting a campaign’s success.

Using the tailored skills of the MODERNSPEAK team and a strong focus on creating captivating, authentic, and ROI-focused content, combined with the team’s excitement and investment in the industry, this all-female powerhouse is ready for any challenge.

“As a consumer and a business owner, I see the value of pursuing authentic alignment, and for me, I have always had a natural affinity for fun, which makes investing my time and energy into lifestyle and travel, a field that revolves around enjoyment and adventure, a no brainer,” says Kristyn, reflecting on her passionate career path.

Kristyn is an ambitious leader, who not only cultivates an environment of enjoyment and fun within her team, but she also extends this vibrant energy into her relationships with clients, helping them to also nurture excitement for work and life. Her commitment to building meaningful connections translates into her ability to create opportunities in each sector of Media and Marketing. 

With a desire to build lasting relationships, MODERNSPEAK strives for meaningful connections that help to grow the business. Combining traditional public relations with social media marketing, there are endless opportunities for growth and for establishing a presence in this unique niche within marketing and communications. 

“I would love to see our team of experts in the travel space become more recognized as an agency that can represent tourism boards. I would also love to highlight the amazing creators we work with, who are real people sharing their real stories with the world,” Kristyn notes.

Looking towards the future, with a fresh look and a few fresh faces, MODERNSPEAK is setting out to make a positive impact in the worlds of travel and tourism, PR and social media marketing.

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