How To Choose the Right Creative Marketing Agency

Kristyn Snell (She/Her)

May 25, 2022

Partnering with a creative marketing agency that naturally  pairs with your brand and personality is crucial to creating a marketing campaign that successfully promotes your products to your target audiences. 

However,  with so many creative agencies out there, how do you know which one is right for your business? 

There are three major considerations when working with an outside creative marketing team: 

  1. Are they in line with your business goals? 
  2. What’s the best way to work together to ensure you’re getting the most from their service? 
  3. Your marketing requirements. Are you looking to outsource part of your marketing activities or are you looking for an agency who can take over your entire marketing plan?

Keep reading to learn about our top 9 tips  to consider when choosing the right creative agency for you and your team.. 

Tip #1: Set Clear Expectations

Use your main KPIs (key performance indicators) and advertising platforms to create a brief, outlining your goals. Set clear expectations to make sure the creative agency understands the objectives you have set out in your marketing plans and campaigns. With your goals in mind, assess various potential agencies that are the most popular for your company size, industry, and type of campaign. 

Red flag: Not all agencies are created equal—be clear about your goals from the start to get the results you want without wasting their time, or yours.  

Tip #2: Collaborative Partnerships

Not all campaigns are successful, regardless of the agency you choose. An essential quality of a collaborative partnership is understanding why missteps happen and the lessons you take away from them. Knowing how an agency thinks and whether they take accountability for potential problems is essential when choosing an agency that’s right for your company’s culture. The best creative partner wants to hear your opinions and learn as much about your brand as possible so they can collaborate with you to create something amazing. 

Tip #3: Solid Portfolio

Ask to see previous work from each prospective agency. Not all work will be available, as legal agreements protect some, but each agency should have at least a few samples to give you an idea of their standard of work.

Tip #4: Online Presence

Look at how agencies promote themselves—a good creative agency has a visible digital and social media presence characterized by high-quality content and a well-designed website to provide a good user experience that  keeps you engaged. 

Red flag: If you’re not impressed by their online presence, it’s a good indication of how clients may feel about your future marketing campaigns with them. 

Tip #5: Social Media

Social profiles can tell you a lot about a  business. Agencies  with well-established social media accounts that  post on a consistent basis, are likely to have a strong understanding of social media best practices. A company’s social media accounts can also give you an idea of their overall reach and clientele.  More followers doesn’t necessarily translate to more or better business. Being “social” is all about engagement and providing valuable and meaningful  information—not just likes and shares. Their online presence and social accounts make it easy to see how they highlight their own skills, services, and brand name.

Tip #6: References, Reviews, & Recommendations

Google is your best friend here. Do your research and check client testimonials. 

You can also ask around your industry if anyone has any referrals or recommendations. Working with a creative team with prior experience in your field is a huge plus. Once you narrow down a list of possibilities, ask for client contact information so you can get a natural feel for a company without all the fluff.  

Tip #7: What’s Their Personality Like?

Schedule time to meet with the personalities behind the talent. It’s essential to “click” with the people handling your product and brand name. Personalities that blend well together ensure better communication and a successful working relationship. 

Red flag: if they know your product or brand better than you, run—they don’t play well with others.

Tip #8: Determine Your Marketing Budget 

Meet with your prospective agencies with a detailed budget in hand. Be upfront and honest about how much you’re willing to spend on your marketing campaigns, so the creative agency knows what they’ll l be working with. This will help you choose someone within your budget and avoid unexpected costs at a later time. 

Tip #9: Check-In Regularly

A good creative agency wants your feedback every step of the way. Regular check-in calls or a weekly or biweekly status update are crucial to your marketing success, regardless of the agency you choose. Avoid disappointment with your marketing campaigns—always be honest with your thoughts on the progress and efforts throughout the creative process. 

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