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Lauren Mulloy


Tommee Tippee

The Creator

Lauren is a mom of three, a military wife, a nurse, and a lover of all things family, fashion and fun. She keeps it real on her account as a mom and an advocate for limb difference. A recent move from Virginia to San Diego has Lauren embracing the SoCal life. It’s an adventure with her three kids Tenley, Tate and Laken. Tate was born missing a hand, and because of this, Lauren has become an advocate for limb difference awareness and uses her social media platform to share authentic moments with her family and all the different seasons of motherhood as well as the challenges and glories of being a military wife to her loving husband, Ben.

The Partnership

As a brand ambassador for Tomee Tippee, Lauren shares the brand’s story and messaging while reviewing a variety of products on her channel. Since the introduction of the original Tommee Tippee spill-proof cup in the mid-sixties, Tommee Tippee has worked to meet, and exceed, the changing needs of parents and babies. As a dedicated mother of three, with a large following of other dedicated parents, there was a natural alignment that made this partnership truly resonate with Lauren’s audience.

The Campaign

A six month campaign across multiple channels, Lauren worked closely with Tomee Tippee to promote and share various products with her dedicated following of mothers and soon-to-be moms. This campaign aims to highlight the brand’s products while simultaneously encouraging parents to #ParentOn by focusing on the real stories of parenthood. Shining a light on authentic parenting, Lauren shares how each product naturally fits into her busy lifestyle and works best for her and her family.

The Result

Resonating deeply with her audiences, Lauren generated an average of over 64K impressions and nearly a thousand actions per post. The natural fit between Tommee Tippee and Lauren’s largely parenting-based audience made for a powerful partnership with exceeding results.

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