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Lizzie Peirce



The Creator

Lizzie is a business owner & content creator from Toronto, Canada. A graduate of the prestigious RTA School of Media at Ryerson University, and an aspiring traveler, she left her full-time job at a Toronto production company to build her own business - Know Hau Media Operations Inc. - with her fiancé Chris Hau. Taking her experience as a Producer/Director in the corporate world, and combining it with her skills as a Photographer and Cinematographer, she began producing content ranging from short films, to educational photography and video tutorials. Lizzie is now a sought after creator with a combined audience of over 300,000 followers/subscribers. She travels all over the world sharing her adventures with her audience and spreading her mantra, "If she can do it - I can do it".

The Partnership

Innovation is part of Lenovo's DNA. It's woven into every aspect of their existence - from the smartphone in your pocket and light bulbs in your smart home to the servers in your data center. Lenovo’s technology paired perfectly with Lizzie’s expertise. With Lizzie’s dedicated audience of tech gurus, photographers, videographers, and business owners, this partnership made a meaningful connection between a tailored product and its target niche.

The Campaign

Stretching across both YouTube and Instagram, this campaign aimed to highlight the Lenovo Yoga 7i’s refined craftsmanship, and stunning audio-visual experience, designed for consumers with sophisticated taste. Using her relatable captioning and authentic approach to partnerships, Lizzie shared her true review and her desire to share a product she stands by. Designed for intuitive usability, performance, and convenience, Lenovo’s two-in-one tablet and laptop aligned with Lizzie’s approach to life—a love of comfort and ease, without sacrificing design or performance.

The Numbers

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The Result

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